Vibrance is a wildly transformational, incubative space for women who are struggling with chronic physical illness symptoms. Inside this immersive, 12-week coaching program, you will embark on a journey of deep human remembrance, reverence and ease for your most potent self healing. Picture waking up in the morning to your whole body buzzing from deep hope, relief and enchanting levels of real, felt healing.

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Vibrance provides a mixture of 1:1 and small group coaching calls, while always prioritizing your more intimate, individual needs. This program will help you:

  • Say goodbye to stuck patterns that no longer serve you
  • Embody a bold commitment to your highest health
  • Feel ease and fluidity in making healthy food choices
  • Eliminate confusion around diet/healing protocols
  • Bring on-demand softness to your entire body
  • Revolutionize your self trust and felt intuition
  • Fall in love with nourishing plant-based meals
  • Reclaim your passion, purpose and ability to BE
  • Activate deeply harmonious boundaries
  • Feel safe, satiated and grateful in/for your body
  • Ritualize self celebration and adoration

 If you’re ready to put in the work, these are the steps we’ll take to claim your highest health - that unabashed fullness of energy and life that simply awaits within you.




I’ll teach you how to take an honest, thorough inventory of your situation and its manifestation, while burying victim consciousness and slowly stepping out of your former human form. You’ll learn how to plainly move through symptoms/pain patterns instead of letting them play the main character. You’ll gain a sincere understanding of the multifaceted and synergistic nature of what propagates your daily physical health. 


Bolster your physical body and empower your mind with Vibrance’s individually optimized dietary methodology. We’ll carefully navigate the most ideal way you can transition and habituate towards the most raw, plant-powered version of yourself, while pinpointing and eradicating key body blockages along the way. In this phase, the heavy drapes of hardened emotions will slide off and out your body. You will literally lighten up. 


We’re peeling back the layers a bit further and going underneath the skin. The Renew phase ushers in more advanced knowledge and application of interstitial hydration, skin and gut health, and how to fully oxygenate your body - all the way from adopting simple breathwork techniques, to a tailored understanding of your biochemical balancing act. Freshness and deep relief anoints you. It is time to breathe and glisten again.


This is a special time to get clear on the ways you’re driven to connect back with nature, your own human ethics and the divine power of your mind/body marriage. We’ll tap into your own deep reverence and remembrance for the wild, impassioned woman you are at heart - which can look all kinds of different and nuanced. It’s high time to nourish her.


Here we’ll continue to latch and learn even deeper into feminine embodiment and what that might look like in your life. Checking in on patterns of disembodiment and any masculine overdrive or imbalance. A call back to soothing your inner child. Leaning deep into self trust exercises, particularly around body trust.


 We’ll lock in your long-term roadmap and mindset, as we celebrate all the magic you’ve danced through in our time together. Your physical symptoms have subsided, you’re self-regulating your nervous system and stepping boldly into the life you dreamt of mere months before. After a ton of hard work and a clear path forward - vibrance comes easy to you.

"It was a unique container in every way because of the way Kelsey leads - without force, just a gentle guidance and tone of leadership that has been deeply owned and claimed." 

- Lauren M.


"I no longer believe in shaming myself. I now believe that I am my own biggest cheerleader."

At the beginning of this program I had addictions that I was battling, shaky relationships with friends and family, but also within myself. I was feeling nauseous a lot of the time. And I was putting myself down a lot. 

It started off that I just wanted to have a healthier and cleaner diet, but through Vibrance I have gained so much more than just a healthy diet mindset. Here I’ve been able to catapult my mindset, my health, and my wellbeing. I have changed my inner dialogue. I speak to myself so much softer, and with compassion. I have built stronger bonds with my family members and within myself, I have a deep sense of self trust and deep awareness. I’ve learned to harness my breathing which has brought me deep relief. I’ve completely stopped smoking/vaping. I’ve learned how to speak and appreciate and thank my body for all it does for me. I have developed a stronger connection with nature. 

In our one on one coaching sessions I always felt like I had a release of built up trauma and uncertainty.

It felt like a cleansing at the end of every call.

And I would always feel 100% better about myself. Every call led me to gain more insight within. For the first time I had someone genuinely asking me questions, to really dig deep and to help me move through so much toxic habits, toxic dialogue, and emotional issues/turmoil. 

I’ve learned to accept things for how they are, no more trying to fight against chaos when it arises. I’ve let go of a lot of anger. A lot of jealousy and helplessness. I’ve let go of the fact that I am no longer a victim of my childhood or a victim of past trauma and experiences. I no longer believe in shaming myself. I now believe that I am my own biggest cheerleader. That looking back, I have dealt with trauma to only lead me to become a stronger and brighter person in this world. 

I feel a great sense of empowerment, and a strong hold of my every day decisions and choices. I have leveled up and will continue to grow and expand with food choices. I will continue to be of service for others in this world and continue to love me unconditionally.

I would absolutely recommend Vibrance to others who need help or guidance in becoming a better version of themselves. Knowing I had the support from Kelsey when I didn’t believe in myself fully made me feel not alone to make the change. It was an incredible, supportive experience. 

Thank you Kelsey for creating this safe space for all of us, and for creating such an amazing, vibrant program to follow! You have truly helped catapult my health, and my well-being! I can’t express my gratitude enough.

- Brittney Lowe

"I absolutely feel this was one of the most valuable and life changing experiences I have had, and I really do believe it will impact me greatly in the months and years to come!"

I am not even sure where to begin...

When I first decided to do this program I was not sure what to expect,  I just knew it was something I needed to do, and felt very drawn towards it. What I experienced throughout the 12 weeks was beyond my expectations! 

This was the most holistic and all encompassing coaching program ever, that dug deep into the layers of self that I was so in need of peeling back.  By addressing the deeper roots & belief systems of why I feel, think, act, eat, communicate, etc the way I do, I was able to gain a whole new understanding of myself. With this understanding I was then able to start addressing some of these things that have been holding me back from  living more fully, vibrantly, and true to my self! 

This is still a work in progress, as it does take more than 12 weeks to find wholeness and healing in 50 plus years of living! What is so fabulous though, is that from this program, I have been set up with an incredible array of "tools" that are available for me to continue this reclamation of self. Kelsey has truly provided a wealth of knowledge and access to so many resources, that I will always have at my fingertips. 

What stands out to me the most at the end of this journey though, is how this program sets you up to fly on your own...

Where I once carried so much self -doubt, I now am trusting that I carry all I need within myself to heal, to grow, and to be who I am truly meant to be.

I feel empowerment to come home to myself! 

There were many results! I think number one that jumps out at me is the belief in myself, and knowing that I can create the life I want...I know it is all within my hands. 

  • I have the power to change and I have learned that I can trust myself with the process of change.

  • The deeper understanding also of how my past, present, and the choices I make are connected to my physical & mental well being is powerful. 

  • Being able to speak my truth more openly. To stay within a conversation or situation that made me feel uncomfortable, but feeling my own safety in it.

  • Learning to let go. 

  • Physically being able to fall asleep night after night without taking a sleeping pill.

  • Having a huge reduction in pain medication. 

  • No longer having heart palpitations.

  • Greatly improved digestive system.

  • Dropping weight with ease and not focusing on weight loss.

"The most impactful results were my skin!"

Before Vibrance I was a busy mom of 6 and I had tried many times and failed to make my health a priority! I've tried a Paleo diet, sugar-free diet, and a wheat-free/gluten free diet. I had some success with all of those diets, but once I ate something that was not within the parameters of the diet, I typically went right back to my old habits of eating. I didn't stick with the diets for the long term.

Since beginning Vibrance I’ve found a routine that works for me. A daily rhythm of healthy eating, being present with my kids, exercising, and consistently making choices that encourage health- rather than simply following a craving… I’m feeling proud every day that goes by that I continue carving out new habits.

Sometimes it seemed like I was too tired to participate in a coaching session at the end of a long day, but I always felt better after the session! It was like therapy, chatting with a friend, and motivation all at the same time. I felt like I was ready to tackle the next week!

My biggest insight was to take it slow. That applies to so many areas of my life:

• I learned to take it slow with my kids and connect with them in a meaningful way every day if possible. 

• I learned to be present and not feel that I have a long list of to-dos that I'm neglecting.

• I learned that health is a lifelong journey and that it takes intentional choices every day to make it happen.

• I learned not to expect a miracle from a short time with a diet. 

I learned to just feel how my body was responding to changes and move forward or change course accordingly.

The most impactful results were my skin! It was funny that I didn't notice the itchy patches leaving and staying gone until we talked about it. Also, less breakouts during my menstrual cycles.

The biggest habit that I built during Vibrance was a daily smoothie and juicing daily. I have sporadically juiced and made smoothies in the past, and I know the benefits, but for some reason it never stuck.

I am so glad that I daily give my body so many nutrients and it seems easy now.

Vibrance gave me a huge boost at the beginning of this year. I've had so many stressors in my life and I had this thought in the back of my mind that "someday" I would get in shape. That someday is today, yesterday, tomorrow. This is the only body I have and it's insane to ignore it!

The messages I’m taking with me are: 

• Slow and steady wins the race. 

• I don't have to explain myself.

• I am worthy.

I would recommend Vibrance to others because it was a positive impact on my life and I was impressed by Kelsey's commitment to me and my goals. I would tell a friend that, "Kelsey will support you in whatever your goals are. She is kindhearted and professional and grounded. She will teach you new ideas and give you tools to use as you move through the program."

Kelsey, thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into this. It takes a special kind of person to commit to helping others and devote time to do so. I don't see other influencers offering to help their followers in this intimate way.

- Trista LaPrade

"I feel like I got my life back."

I was struggling with neurological and gastric symptoms. I was fearful that I wasn’t getting answers and felt that I was fixated on finding solutions, but not sure where to go. I was spending a lot of money on a scattershot approach, trying all kinds of healing modalities to see which worked.

The most valuable part of the Vibrance program was working through one on one which protocol works for me. Some fruits were just not working for me. Others were fabulous. I needed delicious alternatives to coffee and I found a truly custom approach that I eased into. It didn’t take long to find that routine, but Kelsey was there to make adjustments. At no point did I feel “off the program.” There was forward progress each week.  I got off caffeine and found foods that my digestive system can tackle without weighing me down. And - no sacrifice in eating delicious and abundant food daily. 

My weight is coming off and that has not been true for the last few years. I am not hungry and feeling like I need to binge. I feel grounded and confident in my food choices and food is less of an ongoing issue. I feel hydrated and optimistic. 

One of the most striking and clear indications that I was on the right path came with arthritis symptoms. Those symptoms were not the worst of what I was experiencing, but they were the most bothersome. It felts as if I was getting too old too soon. But those symptoms were the first to disappear when I started changing my food. Those aches in my lower back and hips simply disappeared. And it did not take long.

Mental changes are even more significant. I am in touch with my inner knowing. I’m more patient. I’m more at home in following my intuition and being relaxed in the present moment. I’m more alive and have better energy. 

The symptoms that brought me into the program are way down and my life is not at all based on alleviating symptoms. I feel like I got my life back. 

Vibrance is one on one support from someone who really knows how to coach, Kelsey asks excellent questions and has good intuition on orienting you on a wellness journey. She is intuitive and the right mix of caring and honest. There's no push to do things in a way that is too restrictive or impossible, but there is also no interest in rehashing old problems and going nowhere. Her sense of direction and emotional intelligence was part of the reason that this program flowed in a positive direction and weeks after, I feel more solid in my new reality.

I would absolutely recommend Vibrance for anyone who needs to get their bearings with a raw vegan healing lifestyle and needs one on one support to improve their health. There are a lot of extreme options, but you need a guide to get you there. And why go alone?

- Teresa Britton


🍇 Intimate 1:1 coaching sessions along with women's group coaching sessions.

🍇 Rich online learning and resource hub

🍇 Loving, healing, safe-space community that fosters ample accountability.

🍇 Uniquely deep and firm level of daily support, communication and connection.

🍇 Individualized meal plans, recipes, and nervous system regulation exercises.

🍇 Practical transitional roadmap and application of a raw vegan diet. 

🍇 Thoughtfully curated bonus calls.

🍇 Lifetime access to VIBRANCE and all future iterations/additions.




You can achieve powerful physical, emotional, spiritual clarity and regeneration with the proper raw, intuitive, earthly tools on your hip and in your heart.

By the end of our time together, your physical symptoms will no longer be playing the main character in your life. Incessant thoughts about what to do and how to do it will have subsided and softened. In the wake of letting labels and past stuck patterns slide off your shoulders, you’ll hold and embody a new frame, carrying with you the powerful, sustainable knowledge and tactics to forever bolster your highest health.