Hello lovely, 
I’m Kelsey.

The woman, self-healer, writer and coach behind rosieheals. I was a wee 27-year-old microbrew enthusiast who was stuck in convention, career and people pleasing when chronic illness ripped into my life in 2015 - MCAS, reactivated EBV, Dysautonomia, CFS, and more. It tore me into gorgeous weepy pieces to begin anew. 

It brought me my deepest earthly truths and passion. 

It brought me rich clarity around self, soul and regeneration. 

It led me to the most harmonious way of eating, healing and living I could ever imagine.

And it led me to join hands with humans who are ready to reap the seeds that once unwelcomed illness and symptoms have sown in their lives too. It led me to you.


I know what it’s like to carry the detriment and despair of mystery illness on your back.

You are not alone in feeling socially isolated, gaslit by doctors, wholly misunderstood, self questioning, self hating, and ultimately, perhaps deeply depersonalized, disembodied, perplexed and depressed. 

Between 2015-2018 I was pinned by sudden debilitating health issues. I experienced a disarming array of syndromes and symptoms — MCAS, Dysautonomia, Chronic Fatigue, reactivated EBV, gut dysbiosis and more. 

Looking back, I see many “triggers” for what led to my tipping point: a lifetime of eating neurotoxic and stagnating foods, an embedded tick/bite, overprescribed antibiotics, steroids, Sudafed, and other OTC meds, a half life of hormonally invasive/toxic birth control, mold exposure, various child and adulthood traumas, chronic alcohol consumption, years of smoking, emotional suppression and disassociation, coming within inches of being hit by a truck on foot in the new neighborhood I had moved to, and much more.

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced

  • Unexplained and prolonged fatigue
  •  Post exertional malaise
  •  Orthostatic intolerance
  •  Rashes, flushing, redness
  •  Vertigo/dizziness
  •  Visual disturbances
  •  Near syncope
  •  High + low BP spikes
  •  Balance problems
  •  Brain fog
  •  Memory issues
  •  Chronic sinus infections
  • Multiple food intolerances
  •  Meniere's / hydrops
  •  Aching + general body pain/chills
  •  Heart palpitations
  •  Tingling and numbness
  •  Anxiety/panic attacks
  •  Tinnitus
  •  Sensitivity to noise and lights
  •  Mouth ulcers/cold sores/herpes
  •  Enlarged lymph nodes
  •  Slow wound healing
  • And more
Over the years of learning through trial and error with food as medicine and wading through dozens of doctor/specialist/ND
appointments, adopting various protocols, I found my truth after 3 years of searching. I healed myself dramatically through raw foods.

Before healing my chronic illness symptoms through the key methods I now teach in Vibrance,


Long before I got sick, I held a deep passion for seeking vibrance - what was the ultimate best way to feel incredible? There had to be a natural, intuitive formula and I was always drawn to find it, feeling especially lit up in the realm of earth and plants. 

I adore animals of all kinds and worked with rescue dogs for many years. I found so much comfort, solace, purpose and divine wisdom when I treaded deep into the dewy Northwest forests with packs of free flying, doting dogs. I fell especially madly in love with pitbulls and poured much of my life into their plight. Oh, and chihuahuas. Of course.

I LOVE to sing. I have a penchant for uncouth comedy. I dutifully create extravagant morning wellness lattes. I’ve only lived in Oregon.


In an interesting little life chapter,

my partner and I worked in tv news together.

It’s how we met.

Together, we have 3 beloved dog kids. Something really special about the two of us, is that after a life of meat eating and chasing paleo-style trends - now we can see the pains of farmed animals in our dogs' innocent, loving eyes. If you know, you know.

I once held a health-tech job where I created and managed content for behavioral health and health-coaching apps. I became enthralled with habit formation, CBT, wellness and seeing powerful results in deserving people. 

Interestingly, it was the first time I felt a spark for the mind/body connection. In those infancy moments of finding body awareness is when I developed chronic illnesses - after those many acute and chronic life triggers I mentioned above. That 3-year chapter was  dreadfully messy yet wildly magical, and if you follow me on social media, you know I’ve written about it intimately and intricately.

I spill out my experience here so that you know, when I say I’ve been there? I fully mean it. When I say I believe you can heal? I fully mean that too.

the experiencE


When you choose to work with me, we dive to greater depths than your average raw vegan or vegan health coach.

This isn’t a quick fix group juice cleanse that leaves you high and dry, longing for a sustainable, satiating and safe daily lifestyle.

I won’t be pushing you to grueling societal standards that lack respect for the slow, hibernative process of successful healing.

I won’t toss you into a high-energy or cleansing diet without considering the nuances of your nervous system, teaching you how to self regulate and support the floodgates of inevitable emotional release with each transitional step you take.

I won’t dogmatically urge you to follow or focus on gurus - because self trust, felt knowledge and boundary-led discernment is your actual medicine.

We will identify your wildest dreams, feel into your greatest vision of health and self, and activate it accordingly - with joy, diligence and self adoration.

I am here with you for the long haul.

What the heck is Rosieheals?

Rosieheals is an acknowledgment to my earliest physical symptoms: the red-flag, rosie-posie rashes/reactions that I was determined to heal. It’s also a heart-led homage to a very special person, my late grandma, “Mammo” Rosie.

Mammo embodied the feminine archetype of the healer in everything she did - forever serving those wounded by life. From her love of herbs, dates, pickling and garden-fresh cooking, to her soothing foot rubs, her lasting therapeutic presence continues to bring me spiritual counsel.

Once I found my ticket to healing, after 3 long years of searching, my partner and I were deeply moved and convicted by the transformative nature of this lifestyle because we both experienced the magic of it. 

Our collective life purpose was born, and over the last 5 years we’ve come together to creatively devote ourselves to Rosieheals, deepening our partnership into the realm of business to share my story of healing with others who may be suffering. Matteo stands strong behind-the-scenes as our photographer, editor, head juice master, systems and strategy guru, and much more.

As co-founders of Rosieheals,

We create impactful online healing and recipe content, produce e-books, courses and videos, and I lead our robust, 12-week transformational coaching program, Vibrance.


Lean IN!

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